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Invitation to the Whitsun Conference 2017
June 3-6, 2017

Refine and purge our earthy parts, But oh, inflame and fire our hearts!

With these heart warming and passionate words of an ancient Whitsun hymn, translated by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, we would like to welcome you to the Whitsun Conference 2017. The central theme of our program’s lectures and workshops is the 8th Lecture of the Study of Man, in which Rudolf Steiner examines the activity of the senses and their relationship to the ego.
The success and positive resonance of last year’s conference encouraged us to proceed using the same concept this year: to make interaction possible, to gain vigor and strength through artistic workshops, and to become strengthened in our practice of the Waldorf pedagogy through an immersion into basic principles in our seminars.
We have changed the times and course offerings in our program slightly to make sure that there is time for relaxing conversation at the Cafe, for singing together around the fire and dancing during breaks, for retreating to the shores of lake Maschsee to contemplate and just be.
We would like to extend our invitation to all conference participants to visit the School of Spiritual Science’s discussion of the 9th class lesson with Claus-Peter Röh, asking the question: What conditions of incarnation does a child experience today?
We are very much looking forward to once again being able to dance together during breaks and in the evenings, note also that a dance workshop is being offered this year.
We feel obligated to continue our work on attending to and working with traumatized children.
Our special guest this year will be Irmgard Kutsch, who will share impulses and suggestions for practice in preschools and in the home based on many years of experience in her NaturKinderGartenWerkstatt (NatureKinderGardenWorkshop).

At the beginning of his 8th lecture, Rudolf Steiner says that it must be our constant endeavour in our pedagogy to connect the unknown with the known, even in the formation of spiritual ideas. With this we optimistically build on last year’s conference, whose motto was „Courage for Spirituality“.

We look forward to welcoming you in Hannover!

On Behalf of the staff of the Pedagogical Council and in cooperation with the Pedagogical Section of the Goetheanum
Heartfelt greetings,

Dagmar Scharfenberg und Claus-Peter Röh